Tuition Fee Payment Link. | Single Point Contact Number Allotted At Gmers Medical College Vadnagar Is: MR. VISHAL JADAV +919023499356

We will accommodate all the students in two separate hostels comfortably. College Canteen & Mess facility is available. Along with mess, Tiffin services providing good food at reasonable rates are also available. We have 24 hour security in the Hostels. Ragging is strictly prohibited in our campus.
Please fill forms given with the information booklet. submit with prescribed fees.
Please fill it in capital letters and Give Correct Information.

1. Library membership 1st MBBS
2. Form for hostel admission (if required)
3. Student Information Form for Department
4. I Card Form
5. Undertaking form of the students and parents for prevention of ragging - This form will be given to you at the time of orientation seminar.

Please bring 10 colour passport size photographs at the time of reporting. 1 for Central library membership , 3 for hostel form , 1 for bank account, 1 for student association, 1 for student record section, 1 for identity card and 2 extra photographs.

You have to procure the following items from Vadnagar or elsewhere and bring at the time of reporting. : 2 white aprons with full/half sleeves, dissection box for human body dissection, bone set, a set of disposable pricking lancets. For the students who want to get admission in hostel they should bring / purchase following things – 1 blanket, 2 pillow covers, 2 bed sheets, 2 towels, 2 white handkerchieves, 2 small napkins, 2 pairs of socks, 1 nail cutter, needle and white thread, shoe polish & shoe brush , bathroom slippers, sports shoes. 1 twenty liters bucket & a tumbler with student name on it with marker pen, suitable size mirror, clothes hangers, 12 feet plastic string, 5 liters plastic water jug, a packet of wax candles with match box or a small torch, 1 stain less steel Tiffin carrier, (Though the electric failure is not common in Vadnagar,it is better to keep emergency light and mobile phone with a instruction not to use in college premises). It is not advisable to keep lots of cash money costly mobile phone. ornaments or any other costly are prohibited items.

Fee and Deposits:
You have to pay for journals and answer books of part ending examinations, terminal examinations and preliminary internal assessment examination separately to the respective departments.

Studies and Books:
As you already know that in 1st MBBS you have to study four subjects i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Community Medicine. These subjects' senior professors and other staff members of college will help you in solving initial difficulties related to studies.

List of Books:
The list of Books to be purchased is on the next page. It is recommended that only those books which are shown under the heading "prescribed books" should be procured. In addition, some of the books listed under "Additional reading" may be procured; it is not necessary to procure all the books under the heading “Additional books”. Do not procure any other book not shown in either of these lists as they are not recommended by the teachers of the respective departments, Always purchase the latest available edition only.

Information of scholarships will be available

If documents for loan & other scholarship required to sign by this office, You have to submit here with.